Our Story

Michael Moldof began his career managing fixed income portfolios for individuals and small institutions in 1969. He had built a sizable business and a stellar reputation by the time his son Adam joined him over a quarter century later.

Adam Moldof helped to expand the Moldof group into a more comprehensive asset management practice when he joined his father, straight out of college, in 1995. They helped add value to their clients’ portfolios by capitalizing on their collective investment experience and the vast resources of Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network and its predecessor firms. The Moldof Group made a name for itself in South Florida by providing strong, risk-adjusted performance for their clients along with exceptional, concierge quality service.

Also in 1995, more than a thousand miles north in the New York City metro area, David Schnall began his career at regional financial institutions before moving to AG Edwards in 2003. AG Edwards was ultimately taken over by Wells Fargo & Company during the financial crisis, putting David on a parallel career path to Adam Moldof. David had grown a substantial asset base of diversified and asset allocated portfolios which he manages on a discretionary basis for a variety of successful individuals and retirees.

In 2019 David and his family were getting serious about a move to Florida for a lifestyle change. A chance meeting around that time ultimately led the two financial advisors, who are the same age, and started in the business at the same time, to lay the groundwork for the merger of their practices later that year.

As of 2022, the Moldof-Schnall Group manages over a half billion dollars of client assets across the country. They pride themselves on executing well thought out, customized investment portfolios, and can provide access to exceptional lending capabilities through Wells Fargo affiliates. They have a support team on site, headed by Heidi Pittell. Heidi joined Michael Moldof more than 30 years ago and has been working tirelessly ever since, helping to provide nearly flawless service to the group’s clients, with unmatched warmth and professionalism.

For more information and a complimentary client consultation, please call The Moldof-Schnall group at 561-990-5611.